Posted by: Lisa on Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Crazies in Cornwall!
I just had the best weekend ever!

I flew out to Regina, Saskatchewan with Jen Farough to re-do our cart in Cornwall Mall.  This couldn’t have been better timing as there is a new manager and staff out there that I haven’t met before.

I let the Cornwall crew know on Thursday that I would be coming there on Saturday, and even with the short notice, everyone was ready to help and willing to pull up their sleeves and do some hard work!

Leah, the new manager, embraced the change with such a positive attitude! She was welcoming the new look with open arms and was soaking up all of our advice on new displays and merchandising tips.

Leah and Riley helped us on Saturday night with the take down and redesign of the cart.  A little pizza party, a lot of hard work and the cart was starting to come together!

Sunday morning we finished off the re-design and after our killer sales day we took Leah, Riley and Matt, our 3 staffers, out for dinner and Milky Way Ice Cream! WOW.  Milky Way Ice Cream was all that it was cracked up to be! This little hole in the wall place is quite popular in Regina. We were freezing cold waiting outside in the 30 or so person line up and I was thinking to myself “What the heck is so great about Milky Way Ice Cream??” but ohhh my goodness I am glad I had the chance to experience it!  I’m not sure what their secret ingredient is but it was hands down the best hard ice cream I’ve ever had. Mmmm… Chocolate Fudge brownie and Cookies and Cream in waffle cone.. Best EVER!  Thank you for bringing us to this Regina Gem!

I would love to show you a pic of the finished Cart, but you will have to go and see it yourself at Cornwall Mall in Regina! Or keep an eye on our other cart locations as we are doing a complete re-do on these as well.

A big thanks to Jen Farough for your hard work, your flexibility, and your ability to keep me laughing the entire time.  I really enjoyed doing this project with you and look forward to our next one!

Pic 1- Jen doing some stock organization

Pic 2  Ever wonder what a turtle in a burger looks like?

Pic 3 Jen, Riley, Leah and Matt outside of Milky Way

Pic 4 Sweet Riley

Pic 5 Fearless leader Leah

Pic 6 Charming and motivating Matt

Adrienne - Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Leah - Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Oh my gosh. I LOVE this!!! We had such a great weekend with you guys and are so glad you had a good time! The cart looks more beautiful than it ever has, and as we keep adjusting to the new changes, we're all enjoying it more and more! Thank you so, so much for your help! (Ps, oh my gosh at the turtle in the burger?? Maybe that's why it didn't taste like turkey...?) Sending big Regina hugs to both of you for being not only helpful, but friendly and motivating at the same time. :)
Riley - Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I have mad picture-taking skills! The turtle-burger photo was my beautiful work. This weekend was awesome! It was so great not only to get so much done, but to get to know you guys and for you guys to get to know us. We really feel closer as a part of the Culture Craze fam than ever before! The kiosk looks awesome!! We are getting sooo many compliments from new and old customers alike. Come back for Milky Way any time ladies! :D
pepper - Saturday, April 7, 2012
sounds awesome!! can't wait to see it!! mmm... that icecream looks so yummy!!
Kaylee - Saturday, April 7, 2012
I can't wait to see the new carts! I can't wait to do Calgary's I am crazy excited. That ice cream looks amazing too. Also, Jen is clearly the best ever at organizing stock.
Jen - Tuesday, April 10, 2012
AHHHHHHHH There is a Turtle in my burger wtf I laughed soooooo hard! WHY!!!!! I had a great time with all of you... xoxox Lisa you rocked it out there nothing slows you down excpept me (Lisa go sit over there and bag this jewelllery again) lol.. Regina was great! Cant wait for our Kamloops road trip! love ya lady
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