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A Crazed Guide to Manic Panic
Here at Culture Craze we are a big bunch of Dye-Hards. I personally have been using Manic Panic for 10+ years and have no intention of slowing down. With the holiday season around the corner & the rainbow hair trend stronger than ever we decided to make a step-by-step guide to the best hair of your life.

Step. 1 – Enlighten Yourself
I cannot stress enough how important Pre-Lightening is to getting the color you think you will achieve. If your hair is naturally light blonde many of the colors will work well, darker shades may give a hue or “halo” as the lovely staff at MP call it but in general you need to go as blonde as possible for best results.

We recommend the Manic Panic flash lightning kits because they really are the best & I know we all tend to skip the “strand test” but don't do it – sacrifice a little bit of your hair so you know what to expect from the lightning process. 40 level bleach is very strong and for some of our staff even just 5 minutes does the trick.

The Grande Prairie Team suggests Virgin Snow + MP Bleach Kits
“Use our Bleaching kits and Virgin Snow toners when prepping your hair for fun colors, it seems to provide brighter more colorful results. “

Chrissy from Polo Park is pro-bleach kit
“Color always works best when you use the 30 or 40 vol lightener before hand! And make sure to wash your hair with cold water!”

Virgin Snow also helps to remove those undesirable brassy tones that can totally throw your color off. When a color says “level 10” blonde it really means as white as it can go.

Step 2. - The Cleansing Ceremony

You want to be working with super-squeeky clean hair so a clarifying shampoo works best & make sure not to condition afterwards. Dandruff brands such as Head & Shoulders work really well to strip any product or oils off your hair to prepare it for dying.

After shampooing make sure to give it a blow-dry. After bleaching & clarifying your hair is going to be hella dry this is a good thing. You want your hair ready to soak up as much of that dye as possible.

If you have pre-dyed hair you can also use a color-corrector such as Color Oops to strip remaining dye particles away.

Emma from Southgate keeps it clean:
“My tip is to shampoo your hair (skip the conditioner!) and blow dry it right before you dye, this opens the follicles so your dye seeps deep into your hair.”

Step 3. - No Love Without The Glove
Seriously prep your bathroom or kitchen for the beauty of unnatural hair dye. You'll want to wear gloves of some kind, and I highly suggest washing (and drying) the brush that came with our bleach kit so you have the right tools to get the job done.

Also a towel around the neck or clothes you don't mind getting dye on are a must. Manic Panic is semi-permant but highly pigminted so skip white jean day.

Emma also is about that glove life:
“My also basic tip is to WEAR GLOVES when you put the dye in AND when you rinse it out in the shower, because I look like my hands are turning into smurfs.”

Step 4. Apply Yourself
Now you are ready to apply your dye! You can empty dye into coloring bowls (this is especially helpful if you are adding multiple colors) or work directly from the jars. I highly suggest investing in some simple sectioning clips to ensure you get coverage throughout your hair.

From that point on your just going to be applying your color directly to that dry hair. Of yours.

Dye tips from Centre Manager Marlee for how she achieved her Voodoo Blue & Green Envy Ombre
“I find the longer you saturate the color the better! I bleached my hair using MP's 40vol bleach for 5 minutes then applied a base of voodoo blue stopping just before the ends. Using a fine toothed comb I used a combination of green envy and MP's pastelizer on the ends. Pulling the color through the tips! drag the bottom color up into the main color in order to nicely blend everything together!”

& Rae from Market Mall rocking a very different approach to the same beautiful color combo
“Every time I dye my hair with Manic Panic I make sure to use 30V bleach before hand to get my hair a nice light blonde before putting the dye in to help archive maxim pigment. Then I apply the dye to my roots using a tinting brush & then apply the rest with my hands. After I put the dye on I put a cap over my hair and either leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight then rinse out with cold water! I've been using manic panic for over 10yrs now and it's always been my favorite dye brand! So many shades, it lasts forever and even when it fades it stays beautiful! Happy Dying :D “

Amy from Southgate is all about the custom mixed shades:
“I like to create custom colors like my current pastel-electric-bannana-lizard. I tend to separate my colors into little bowls and add the darker color drop by drop (as to not over-mix). As Manic Panic keeps really well any leftover pre-mixed dye I can just seal up in a jar for whenever I have to use touch-ups.”

Step 5. Wait & Rinse
We leave our dye on for a long time … seriously like Godfather marathon levels of leaving our dye on. This allows the dye to really soak into the hair and prep itself for awesomeness. Seriously though our staff suggests you leave it on …

Nichole from Market mall games while she dyes
“I also wrap my hair in a plastic bag when the dye is on and either watch a movie or play some video games. I find its helpful to let people know that manic panic acts more like a stain vs. a dye and there for leaving it on for 30m-and hour would be my recommendation depending on how bright and long they want it to last!”

Anna from Cross Iron suggests:
“For me when I do Manic Panic I leave it on all day (at least 5hours)
And washing hair in only cold water, I find the best way is just leaning over the tub and then you can have a toasty warm shower afterwards” As weird as it sounds the dryer and more "damaged" your hair feels the more likely it'll soak up the dye... Our manic panic has Aloe Vera in it so your hair will come out super soft no matter what. .”

Jenny from Mayfair maintains her Lilac hair:
“The one big thing I found that helps with Electric Amethyst when putting it on is letting it dry on to your hair, keep that dye on for a long as you can before washing it off.”

Sarah from Cornwall says
“I like to keep my dye on for as long as possible, sometimes even sleep with it in. When I'm trying to save time I use my hair dryer to speed up the process.
If my hair is all one color, I add some dye to my conditioner and let it sit in my hair at least 5 minutes in the shower (The longer, the better). “

Megan from West Edmonton Mall rocks a Tuque! (I had never heard of this gamechanger move)
“I wear a tuque over top of the shower cap at night, to keep things from shifting and the added heat really helps it soak in.
And after rinsing the color out, use a high end conditioner to seal the hair follicles so keep color from leaking. I got a condition specifically for this, but have been told by more than one hair stylist that any high end conditioner does the same thing.”

Brittany from Midtown seals the deal:
“White vinegar seals the hair back up so the color lasts longer”

So the overall message here is – Leave it in Add Heat (if desired), Rinse in cold (and with vinegar) and then admire you hair.

I do suggest having a specifically assigned towel in a shade close to your hair for a while as it can get messy!

Step 6 – Maintain being Vain

After rinsing your hair give it a good blow-dry and admire the results. As Manic Panic is chemical free & as mentioned above has all those hydrating features you hair should feel happier after rinsing than it did just after shampooing.

Manic Panic is a semi-permenant dye so it will fade with every wash – the solution to that as unanimously decided by Culture Craze staff? DRY SHAMPOO. Its actually better for your hair to wash it less anyways and it will keep your rainbow hair vibrant for a long time to come.

Any tips you would add? Let us know in the comments below!
Chrissy - Friday, September 23, 2016
Colour* Silly auto correct must think you're from the USA or something. ;)
Amy - Monday, September 26, 2016
Chrissy I AM half American, I struggle with correct spelling all the time haha
Sarahhh - Cornwall - Wednesday, September 28, 2016
American spelling just looks so wrong to me. So glad to be in a work family where we most of us have funky hair/ style.
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