Posted by: Nina on Wednesday, January 3, 2018
New Years Resolutions!
Every year in the first couple weeks of January this topic always seems to come up in conversation. And of course the reflections range from what you are resolving to change, how you can improve yourself, and how you will stick to this plan.

For me personally, I set a goal for myself. A single goal that I will spend the whole year working to achieve. 2016 for me was the year of tea. In efforts to stay more hydrated and get a few more anti-oxidants into my body, I planned that I would drink lots of tea! There was no schedule of at least once a day, or so many times per week, I left it open, and I didn't blame myself if I went a few days or even a week without drinking any tea. It was hugely successful and I now drink tea multiple times per week, without even thinking about it.

2017 was the year I decided to floss. While good oral hygiene says we should brush and floss twice daily, the reality is that most of us don't. So I flossed. And if I missed a couple days, I didn't give up... at the beginning. And then days became weeks, and weeks became months. I had a dental cleaning a few weeks ago and what did the Hygienist say? I need to floss. And so the cycle has started again, but this time, as with tea, I WILL be successful! I've got a good friend who also wants to work on flossing, and we're keeping each-other motivated. We tell each-other with confidence and pride when we've flossed, and it's the little things like that, that keep you going, right?!

So here's to 2018! May it bring happiness, success, and great oral hygeine!

What are YOUR New Years Resolutions? Any plans for new tattoos or piercings? Any goals you are setting for yourself? And how do you plan to achieve those goals? What are your hopes for the new year!
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