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Overcoming love failure

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Posted: 3/19/2017 10:10:01 PM     
I was in a serious relationship with my colleague. He was a popular flirt in the company. But, somehow he managed to make me fall for him. But, he left me for no reason when he found another girl. I have talked to him several times and even begged him to stay with me. But, he didn't listen.
I have a best friend, Eliza. She was the only one who stood with me during those bad days. She encouraged me to watch Youtube videos that explain how to deal with break-ups. Also, I read some articles and blogs that described how people dealt with their love failure.
I was very jealous of her new girlfriend, and even had the thought of killing her. At that time, I came across a blog which explains in detail about how to deal with resentment. It was a big relief for me. I never knew that reading an inspiring article can change someone's attitude to this level.
Anyway, I managed to overcome the break-up. I recognized that I will be able to find someone who is more deserving than him. I am now living happily and finds joy in sharing my story with other people. Thanks for reading.

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