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Litha & Lima aftercare

Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 7/30/2017 4:08:01 PM     
I love the concept to bits. Litha meaning Leave It The Hell Alone and Lima means Leave It Mostly Alone!
Most piercings get angry due to poor aftercare. Recently I've been seeing LITHA and LIMA getting way more commonly reffered to on some other piercing forums I browse.

Lima piercings refers mainly to oral piercings, where you need sea salt and mouth wash to rinse the food from inside. It involved letting water or saline also loosely rinse over the piercing.

Litha means dont let anything touch it. not even shower water for the first 2 weeks (idk how its possible).
Any crusties you get are a wonderful barrier between your body and the outside world so they shouldn't be removed either. With time they will fall off. Plus, picking at them tears tissue prolonging healing time. Just leave it be and forget about your piercing.

Otherwise LITHA means not doing much to your piercing and leaving it up to your immune system. No touching, no rotating jewelry, nothing. i've healed quite a few piercings with LITHA and it goes smoother than LIMA. In fact, I have no memory of the healing period on some of my piercings because they never had a single problem, i forgot it existed completely

Lima is more commonly used! It allows for a little bit more aftercare. This link as some great aftercare instructions, not a clue on the author, but the only part I disagree with is the part with hydrogen peroxide. Emphasis please on the part that jewelry should not be turned.

When it comes to all aftercare imo the more natural the better!
CC fam anybody else enjoy LITHA? Thoughts on LITHA?
Its such an easy way to explain piercings dont always need help healing!

Kat (Aberdeen)
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Posted: 7/31/2017 7:29:02 AM     
Wanted to include I like to wipe away very loose crusties with a q-tip too, but only if they move by themselves and wipe away. never pick or tear and always dry!
Hot soaks I enjoy for new piercings for the first week or so under LIMA, but often I stop before a month and switch to LITHA usually.

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