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Water dyeing hair

Aberdeen Kamloops
Joined: 6/11/2013
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Posted: 8/6/2017 12:34:05 PM     
I've been playing with water dyeing hair a lot lately as opposed to using a conditioner or straight dye for a variety of colors.
What I have learned from experimenting:
-use less dye
-save time
-less permanent
-custom mix shades

-Less permanent
-can still stain hair
-may dye or fade uneven
-strand test is necessary
-fades from UV exposure

The most important thing to remember is pastel shades can not be achieved in water because the base is clear. You can slowly add conditioner to vary a shade of a color, which can be tested on paper towel.
Water will show the full intensity of dye if dark colors are desired.
Something brighter would need conditioner and water together, and of course pastel colors will not be as easily achieved with water.
conditioner acts as a whitening pigment when water dying!

I was watching a video today of something dyeing extensions in boiling water, and she showed the extensions absorbing the dye out of the water leaving the water with less dye!!
I've always used cold water and its worked well. I've tried black, grey, pink, green, and purple with water dying. The pink, green and purple all turned as showed as bright colors, but the black was permanently in my blonde hair as black. I had to bleach it out.
Also, this is all with Arctic Fox. I haven't tried MP water dyeing yet!

Has anybody tried it? With dark colors? Light colors? MP or a different brand?


Orchard Park
Joined: 7/18/2015
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Posted: 8/8/2017 12:43:43 PM     
I have never heard of this technique! How do you go about it exactly ? I am incredibly curious!


Aberdeen Kamloops
Joined: 6/11/2013
Posts: 1525
Posted: 8/11/2017 10:02:13 AM     
Its easy! Its just like normal dyeing but its a lot runnier.
I find damp hair is easier to work with because you just need add an even coat.
Dry hair needs a lot more dye water to be fully saturated, and sometimes you need a lot.
It's super easy to spill too so remember the measurements of dye to water.
otherwise filling a plastic sink or bucket would be ideal to just dip your hair in (like dip dyeing but you work it into the roots). I find the hair dye bowls are too small for water dying.
There are videos on youtube of people doing extensions with water dye too.
I find it can be tough for a perfectly even coverage so it needs to be thoroughly massaged in.
Otherwise just rinse when you desire.
Sometimes I'll leave it for 5 min sometimes 4 hours lol
Patch test is 100% necessary with this
this is my experimental risky business dyeing because usually its less permanent

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