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Info Link dump ep 2

Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 8/15/2017 11:35:36 AM     
New post cause its been a year since the last one was active.
Welcome to my spam, enjoy the information overload.
Some of these I've stolen from around the forums, but majority is just by being a curious Kat.
If anybody can find further information on ASTM, ISO, or APP standards regarding PVD coating on body jewelry I can't find much at all. Same with the gold plating if you homies can help me out with data sheets or any proof of material. Gold plating is applied very similar to a PVD and from my understanding it does have a PPM % of gold. With both materials every source i potentially find say its "mystery material underneath" but our is 316L right?

Data sheets/jewelryinfo:

Sebum/ear cheese:

Aftercare: (love it but hate the hydrogen peroxide bit)

APP specifics:


Aberdeen Kamloops
Joined: 6/11/2013
Posts: 1561
Posted: 8/15/2017 3:30:11 PM     
Forgot this morning
collagen and thinning/downsizing lobes!

Aberdeen Kamloops
Joined: 6/11/2013
Posts: 1561
Posted: 9/9/2017 4:17:07 PM     
Dang I wish I named this thread "info link dump Kat edition" instead so if anyone can fix it plz do xP.
Whoop been nerding out the past few days about saline vs water in skin & have learned a lot so enjoy!

Composition/makeup of skin:

Details about saline:

Directly about the section about soaking ettiquette on Elaine's piercing bible page it mentions how people on low sodium diets/with high blood pressure may want to limit their use on saline & should consult a doctor! The link above is the closest I can find regarding evidence why. Although, it sounds like its primarily a concern for IV's, not a wound rinse. Does anybody know anything about this? I asked my local APP location & they said they've never heard anything like that before. It should be impossible to be allergic to saline, & if its properly isotonic to the body no water/salt should be absorbed into your piercing either. It will maintain an equilibrium.

What I have learned mainly is that skin is super porous and once your sebum is rinsed off, your skin will literally absorb extra water if in contact with water. So any swelling you get from soaking in water isn't from blood flow, its from water weight putting pressure on your piercing!
Water flows to where salt is, which is why its so vital to use a 0.9% saline solution.
Over saturated solution pulls water from the skin drying it out!
this is all from my research & understanding :')

cool page I found on aftercare for dummies :P

I'm not a piercer guys just a nerd

Kat (Aberdeen)
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Posted: 9/9/2017 9:09:56 PM     
Random bit I found tonight while finding a new version of the APP manual. The on online I've posted has been taken down. Its a pamphlet that looks like its handed out at APP conventions featuring "...articles on piercing techniques, body-art legislation, history, and anthropology, as well as reports on Conferences and events in the US and around the world."
I'll be revisiting it for later to read. I haven't yet but it looks full of awesome info!!

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