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Hypertrophic Scarring/ piercing bumps

Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 9/3/2017 11:44:48 AM     
Priority with hypertrophic scarring should be seeing a piercer to properly downsize. Most of the time hypertrophic scarring is caused by ill fitting/poor quality jewelry.
Best method to heal hypertrophic scarring with full visual!
I love LITHA to bits <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 LITHA is love LITHA is life
(literally made this thread to post this reddit article)

Otherwise crushed ASA tablets made into a thick paste left overnight can be super effective.

Same with diluted tea tree oil! It must be used with a carrier oil like vitamin e or coconut or jojoba or it dries the skin out.

Or our holey butt'r combined with a massaging motion should be effective IF DONE GENTLY. Most of the time hypertrophic scarring is caused by ill fitting/poor quality jewelry so massaging it firmly may be counter-productive! The messaging motion helps break down scar tissue.

Or classic sea salt soaks sometimes can be effective. Hot water to the effected site a couple times a day for as long as you can! Just getting the blood flowing to the area does wonders if you can get into a habit of frequently doing it. Its important to dry off the piercing after too, excess moisture will dry the skin out. Same with if you over mix the sea salt solution. It should be 0.9%! I usually just boil tap water cause I live in an area of the world i can trust it. :') Distilled water is an option if you want to go the extra mile.

Am I missing any methods to remove hypertrophic scarring? Has anybody had success on other methods?

Also please I die a little inside every time someone calls their bump a keloid cause 9/10 times its not a keloid. Keloids are a genetic condition that do not go away easily at all. Keloids are literally scar tissue that just keeps growing, and can even get their own independent blood supply. If you have a keloid, you'll more than likely need it to be surgically removed.
Not pretty google search of keloids (you've been warned):

sciency stuff about keloids


Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 9/9/2017 4:56:23 PM     
Totally take back any parts about using water.. big no no
If the saline used is hypertonic or hypotonic to the body it will either draw water in or out of the skin, which you do not want! If the solution is too strong(hypertonic) with saline it'll dry the piercing out.
if its too weak (hypotonic) your piercing will swell with water weight!
Water moves via osmosis to what side has more salt, which is why having 0.9% saline is so important.
Keeping the equilibrium will maintain balance in your body and piercing!
Salt, from my research, helps to maintain blood pressure in skin and circulating lymph fluid properly.

My APP location recommends rinsing water off your piercing with saline as not to have a soggy piercing. She compares wet piercings to having wet feet in shoes/socks. That way balance is kept!

Elaine Angel of the piercing bible, on the other hand, recommends rinsing saline off with clear water.

not much about hypertrophic scarring but I wanted to correct my ignorant comment.
I will still probably update this again in the future with new information whenever I can find it!

remember guys Im just a nerd regarding piercings, not a piercer!
all of this is here for discussion! I want to here what you've made work, what your piercer suggests, what you suggest, and so on! If i'm wrong on anything please correct me too! :)

Nina Ballerina
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Posted: 9/11/2017 11:39:27 AM     
I've gotta say, personally, reading the above is super intimidating. And with 9 years in the industry I've seen a lot and heard a lot, but seeing it all at once like that really stuns me.

I like using hydrocortisone cream. I usually recommend to customers with hypertrophic on cartilage piercings that once it's been pierced for 3 months minimum, they can use either tea-tree oil or hydrocortisone. I also recommend they pick one (don't go back and forth, it's a lot for the body to handle, just pick their favourite and stick with it). And I recommend they apply their product of choice once every day or two.

Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 9/11/2017 3:41:11 PM     
@Nina I don't mean to be intimidating I want to be informative & create a discussion! Even though my mulitple paragraphs alone are probably intimidating...#sorrynotsorry Of course I also recommend going to your piercer instead of trusting the internet for aftercare :).
All above are things I've either had success with, or someone has told me about them. I haven't done much reading on anything but saline, massaging and now hydro-cortisol!

I wanted to research hydro-cortisone because this is a new method to me!
From my brief research I've found cortisol is a steroid hormone naturally occurring in most life! "Cortisol is a steroid hormone that regulates a wide range of processes throughout the body, including metabolism and the immune response. It also has a very important role in helping the body respond to stress."
So I can see why it would be effective in healing/encouraging healing! It seems to come in many forms, from creams to liquids. I have always heard ointments are not appropriate for piercings because they inhibit oxygen flow to the piercing, so it might be worth mentioning to avoid ointment forms!

It seems like sometimes people have negative reactions, and it seems to be stressed for external use only. Something I also find people often mistake is that piercings need to be cleaned internally. Literally all thats recommended for aftercare is a saline rinse on the outside parts ONLY. I doubt saline or cortisol will be effective if brought into the piercing.

how long do you usually keep up with applying the hydrocortisol for? how long until you usually see results?
I like your bit about sticking to 1 too. Last thing you need is to agitate an angry piercing, and using 5 different products probably won't help.
The only thing that can truly heal a piercing is time and patience. There's not much anyone can do to heal but wait it out AND KEEP YOUR FINGERS OFF YOUR PIERCINGS PLZ

Do you normally like to recommend using 100% tea tree or mixing it with a carrier oil? or buying something not at 100%? personally when I was young & ignorant (still am lol) I used tea tree oil at 100% and did have some success! Dried the living heck outta my piercings though.

worst hypertrophic scarring advice I've heard was from the internet too...
They said to use hydrogen peroxide to eat away at the bump...the rest of their aftercare advice is some of the best I've seen though!

-Kat :3

Nina Ballerina
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Posted: 9/13/2017 1:17:19 PM     
Most often I find, and recommend to customers, Hydrocortisone is a 0.5% cortisol steroid in a neutral cream. Most drugs stores sell it for $3-$5. fun fact: a popular brand of hydrocortisone cream is... Preparation H!!! For me personally, I would treat my hypertrophic bumps twice a day and that kinda helped?? But alas, triple snugs and me were never meant to be. I still have a slight amount where they were, but it's barely noticeable.

I've always used tea tree oil at 100%... I haven't heard about carrier oils? But I also know it's different for every person, so if it works, go with it! And if it doesn't, change it!!

Megan who used to be at WEM also knew a bit about getting cortisone injections, but it's an area I personally don't know much about.

St. Vital (Winnipeg)
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Posted: 9/14/2017 4:09:26 PM     
I've never dealt with hypertrophic scarring or the regular piercing bumps, but i have dealt with granulomas. About a week after i got my daith pierced, I noticed a large purple/red coloured pump on the piercing site. I went in to my APP shop to talk to my piercer about the best way to get rid of the ugly thing, and she told me hydrogen peroxide. Now, a granuloma is different from hypertrophic scarring and bumps because its actually a growth that has its own blood supply. So, to get rid of it you have to "kill" it. This requires breaking the skin on the growth and scrubbing it with hydrogen peroxide, to literally kill the tissue inside of it. After doing this twice a day the bump should turn white(caused by dead skin cells), then scab and fall off. The whole process hurts and is not pleasant, however it does work for granulomas. Again, this was recommended to me at an APP certified shop, and my piercer had also used this technique on her own bumps and they healed. Many people are under the impression that hydrogen peroxide is a big no when it comes to anything with piercings, however its very important to be sure of what kind of bump/growth you are dealing with and that its properly diagnosed to know how to treat it effectively. I would recommend checking with you APP piercer on what kind of bump you are dealing with because as hypertrophic scarring and piercing bumps are the most common, they are not the only problems you can run into.


St. Vital (Winnipeg)
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Posted: 9/14/2017 4:10:47 PM     
Sorry that's a huge ugly paragraph lol^

Market Mall CULTure
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Posted: 9/14/2017 6:34:34 PM     
The above information is very useful and I will have to keep this in mind.
Sometimes I find just changing the type of bar helps with it too. I had some form of piercing bubble on my double front helix for nearly a year when I decided to change out the banana bars for labrets, and they are now gone. I only used the H2Ocean to clean them as well. However, this is probably only useful for some piercings.


Kat (Aberdeen)
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Posted: 9/14/2017 9:12:55 PM     
@Brandi H2Ocean would be suitable for all piercings because saline is whats in your body! its used for nasal, bladder, piercing, and IV rinses! Anything saline as 0.9% is perfect. Apparently you can buy jugs at the pharmacy cheaper than the aerosol/brand name but you should refrigerate is so it doesn't grow bacteria. Same if you mix your own.

LITHA & proper fitting quality jewelry would be the only APP approved advice without a proper check up! I wouldn't be one to question advice from a professional. Please, always see a professional before you listen to the internet.

My APP shop actually recommended hydrocortisone today to me because my lobes are literally flaking skin they're so dry!
I asked her and she said its okay for me to use my prescribed 1:1 ointment, if I get a less powerful version. The only thing stronger is a direct injection. :( Eczema leaves me a grumpy Kat.

Also cause its kinda similar my cheek piercing finally had a little hiccup in healing (other than swelling) & has a tiny little bump on top. Its painless, and probably a little pimple, but my APP piercer didn't really specify. She gave me some iodine wipes to use once a day on the bump alone to dry it out & draw out anything inside.
I had them pierced July 26th and they've been super awesome! Almost 2 months old now

Instinct Adornment in Kamloops has 2 APP members & is currently in the process of approving a 3rd member!
They are super awesome if anyone is ever in Kamloops, plus they sell mega comfy bamboo clothing.

also #sorrynotsorry on the mega posts

Nina Ballerina
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Posted: 9/16/2017 7:36:39 AM     
August and I were chatting the other night and agree on a few points, and before I continue, let me just note I'm speaking for myself only.

I have an issue with LITHA. Specifically, the TH. Why does it need to have "the hell" in there? Why can't it just be LIA? I feel having that strong cuss word in there makes it come across borderline offensive. And for someone with new piercings, I can imagine they wouldn't want to be sworn at.

I just think your message might come across a lot easier to take if it didn't have swear words in it.

Market Mall CULTure
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Posted: 9/16/2017 8:44:44 AM     
@Kat I'm not new to piercings so I am well aware about how good sea salt solutions are with piercings, new or old. I was talking more about the rest of your post as it has a lot of information that I am not familiar with. I only use bactine or sea salt on piercings and they have both worked great for me, but it won't be like that for other people.

I also have no idea what any of the above abbreviations are.


Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 9/16/2017 3:20:51 PM     
@NinaIt's not my original concept, its been around for a while! Its something I personally found on Reddit. "the Hell" adds emphasis, and for a more child friendly version "the heck"!
It really is important to leave a piercing alone. Most problems come from picking at crusties with dirty fingers or changing/playing with a piercing before its ready!

@Brandi I am confused now, as to what is not suitable for all piercings? I'm just a little misunderstanding right now lmao. As long as a reliable piercer recommends something to clean, it would be suitable! Just listen to their instructions. The only way saline isn't suitable for a person is if they're allergic to the packaging :P
also I posted a bit about LITHA and LIMA earlier in the piercing forum, or if you google it somebody else can probably explain it better than myself.
Essentially, LITHA is "leave it the hell alone" allowing only saline solution to come in contact with you piercing once a day for a rinse. Otherwise nothing else is included in the aftercare. Apparently not even shower water is supposed to come in contact (if its even possible)
LIMA is "leave it mostly alone" which is more for oral piercings, basically allowing for more frequent saline rinses and a alcohol free 1/2 strength mouth wash after meals/smoking.
IMO LITHA and LIMA are a super quick way to explain APP aftercare.
Healing piercings should not be touched by fingers, and I feel like LITHA really emphasizes that.

edit: also Hell is a legitimate place on Earth, its in the US. If its used as a noun, is it a swear? ;)

Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 9/17/2017 11:24:14 AM     
In reference to my post prior about water vs saline:
Last night like 30 minutes before close & I was talking to a chemist about how water isn't suitable as a cleaner for the body. She explained to me blood and water don't mix because blood acts kind of like an oil, and is denser(?) then water. So when you put a bit of blood in water, it doesn't mix, but rather the blood absorbs water.

What I get from this, is instead of blood filled water, you get super watered down blood. The blood cells burst once filled to the maximum with water. If you use saline in an experiment like this "...the intact cells will collect at the bottom as a pellet."


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Posted: 12/9/2017 9:48:54 PM     
Hi guys.

I had a bump near my upper part of naval piercing for like a month now. And yesterday it suddenly grew into a bigger bump. It’s circular and reddish. Pretty spongy as well.reddish pink in colour. Is it a hypertrophic scar? How do I get rid of it??

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