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History of Suspenion

Aberdeen Kamloops
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Posted: 3/19/2018 3:09:40 PM     
Suspension's nothing new to the body modification world.
It goes back to Norse Mythology, where Odin hangs himself on the great tree Yggdrasil to reach enlightenment.

Suspension also goes back to the Hindu culture roughly 5000 years ago.
"While the practice may have been embraced by more Hindus earlier on, today human suspension is practiced almost exclusively by the Savite Hindus of India who worship the gods Siva, Murugan, and Kali. Although human suspension festivals are now banned in both India and Sri Lanka, the Tamil people of southern India still believe in the spiritual power of human suspension. Additionally, human suspension festivals now abound in other areas of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Malaysia."

Native Americans, primarily of plains cultures, have the a very intense ritual in their Sundance involving suspension!
Apparently the idea was to tear the wooden or bone sticks they were hanging from in their chest through as a form of sacrifice and enlightenment. Until the 1950's, these rituals where illegal in the US and Canada! :(


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