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Pro.Piercing by Mike -xzotikmodz- Grant
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well to begin, i should point out that scarification is the original body modification, the first form of self identification practiced by many of our ancestors. imagine a caveman fell on fire, ash cut into his hand leaving the darkened stain in his skin as it healed, then he figured out ash is ink, started cutting designs into his skin with sharp stone and rubbing ash into the wound. thus began the first form of tattooing, all from cutting and branding.

as for aquiring scarring, its not as bad as you think, some artists use different methods of application, but if a quality surgical scalple is used, the procedure should feel like a pencil with a cold icy tip drawing on you, and sometimes a hot sensation followed by cool. body temp goes up with a certain degree of stress, so try to stay calm, breathe, relax, its over sooner than you think.
designs need to be arranged in a manner that doesnt leave the end result too small and poorly visible. with some designs, skin removal is needed, and some artists go too deep ! so again, but smart about who you trust to cut you !
aftercare is important, dont pick at it ! let the scab come off naturally with a regular antibacterial soft soap and water cleaning routine. then you can irritate the area gently with a clean soft bristle tooth brush.
branding is an inaccurate way of scarring, much slower, its quite painfull, and more susceptible to infection.

seek out an experienced and knoledgeable artist when considering scarification.

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